The saa driver This driver used to be part of bttv. The bttv driver prints a line to the kernel log, telling which card type is used. It also might be bad hardware. No Thanks to Leadtek they refused to answer any questions about their hardware. You can enjoy TV in full-screen mode or in a scaleable window while using other applications. The bt8xx chips have 32 general purpose pins, and registers to control these pins.

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What you have to do is figure out the correct values for gpiomask and the audiomux array. The SIx Driver Would you use this site again?: Apple Mobile Device recovery Mode.

Pinnacle Systems Video Capture & TV Tuner Cards | eBay

Thus the arbiter defaults to the video function at power-up and parks there during no requests for bus access. With this insmod option you can override this. Installation Manager Success Stats: The ivtv driver BT capture mkro – CPH03x: You may also like. You can enjoy TV in full-screen mode or in a scaleable window while using other applications.


Sound will work only, if the correct entry is used for video it often makes no difference.

Pinnacle PCTV Pro 5.50 Patch

If you have Windows and the drivers four your card installed, you might to check out if you can read these registers values used by the windows driver. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the battery should not be treated as household waste.

This is desirable since the video will request the bus more often. The saa driver Show only see all.

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FM mono or AM. If the pcfv freezes hard with bttv 7. Pinnacle Studio Pctv Pro Driver Looks like some driver hacking is required.

A small percentage of core logic devices may start a bus transaction during the same cycle that GNT is de-asserted. These cards are sold by many OEMs too.

Pinnacle PCTV Pro – TV / radio tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

MTV Package comes with different contents: This card is basically the same as all the rest BtA, Philips tunerthe main difference is that they have attached a programmable attenuator to 3 GPIO lines in order to give some volume control. The tuner frequency setting should work but it is possible that the audio multiplexer is wrong.


I wil keep coming back for sure. The arbiter decision may then continue asynchronously until GNT is again asserted.

This makes debugging very difficult for me. It also might be bad hardware.

Default is native endian. As mentioned above, there is a array which holds the required information for each known board.

Newer msp34xx versions support this. And there are also different chips which decode the audio signal.

Make bttv work with your card 7.

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