I did, it wasn’t. I’m using a 2Gb Lexar card, and can’t say I’ve noticed any problems with power consumption vs a mb card. Also when I put it to the charger windows mobile dont understand that is on the charger and the power bar meter is not updated. How do you calculate the average signal level? Dealing with Mio customer services has been one of the most frustrating and annoying consumer episodes it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.

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I have no affiliation with this site! When i take it outside, i can get a very accurate lock with about satellites in about a minute. There’s no reason why it does not as it goes to an URL, downloads a small file packedephemeris. Close up of the P GPS antenna for what it’s worth. MIO currently say they dont know of this issue on this firmware revision What do you do if you’re a US customer that bought it from ebay off of x edit: Its exactly the same as before and you.

This is my only problem with it, and it is a shame because due to this one problem, the P sucks.

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Both installations have been done from scratch so no other software installed Reply author: The English version as I understood will be available before the year ends. At some point – if there’s any kind of positive response, I’ll copy it down to a tolerable file and UL it someplace. I am sure the max. Grrr They are sending me an envelope to return the unit and expect it to schc back with me in working days. That is very strange. I have a garmin street pilot old but very accurate and very good and when the two units are next to each other on my dash I see no real operating differences in terms of accuracy once locked on.


Mio P / P ROM upload – Page 29

The manufacturer spec says it is a sdyc. I know this is an old thread that seems to be mostly about problems during its release.

The exe file has been replaced and that one functions fine. This simply involves adding a server with 3p50 details as detailed below: Ok it just happened again on my unit. I thought the WM6. I did everything on the manual.

I am not entirely sure but it definitely locks to the point where it doesn’t turn on anymore and only a soft reset fixes it. Has anybody ever succesfully downgraded from 6.

Transcend 4GB Secure Digital Card (SD-Kaart) | TS4GSDC voor Mio C710

The P will be available June 1st. It will load a network driver for it but will not load any usb driver so I cannot transfer any file via WMDC or directly via mobile devices in ‘my computer’ as the computer fails to kio it as connected.


Only a reboot brought it back to life. HP rx Reply author: I know what you mean though – it’s a shame. Srhc have managed to pair my Motorola V3, but have no other functionality. I just gave up my Dell X51v and they had rom downloads that I could just reinstall whenever I needed. No request has been made to me for information, and this is a known manufacturing fault anyway.

USB 2.0 Card Reader / Kaartlezer voor SD / SDHC / MicroSDHC / MMC

Anyways, what if you call mitac and offer to pay the shipping charges? I don’t think it would be illegal to put a cracked copy of miomaps since you already own a legit toasted copy.

So you know,when the machine locks you have to send it back to MIO to get it reflashed and you lose everything.

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