Depending on the size and complexity of the particular printer you ordered, it can take from a few hours to a couple of days to prepare the printer or printers. Most printers go to the refurbishing process after the order is made. If a replacement is needed the customer will have to purchase again. Related information Hardware connectivity on the mainframe. We use many different freight carriers depending on the service offered and cost. This fee will be collected upfront before work on the order begins.

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We recommend that heavy shipments be shipped freight to ensure no shipping damages. The network interface cards used in all the diagrams in this section have been OSA-Express cards. What is not 1k4309 apparent is the gratuitous ARP processing.

Once a warranty claim has been initiated the customer is responsible to provide Sunsetmicro. Please remember these are semi truck drivers not delivery people.

Genuine IBM END-TX 10/ High Profile PCI Ethernet Adapter Card 19K | eBay

The routing function in a sysplex. Shared OSA adapters in a sysplex.

All DOA Claims must be filed within 5 days of receipt. The presumption here is that all adapters are connected to the same LAN segment and the same subnetwork. If the replacement printer needs to be expedited it will be at the customers expense.

Payment We only accept PayPal. If customer chooses not to ship freight we are not responsible for shipping damages and customer will need to contact the shipping company to file a damaged shipment claim. If a replacement is needed the customer will have to purchase again. Related information Hardware connectivity on the mainframe.


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Freight shipments can involve many cost factors like your zip code, if the freight is going residential or business, if you will require a tailgate, if you have a 4 foot high loading dock, and if you would like indoor delivery. If defective product is not received back by Sunsetmicro. A cash refund is only given to the customer if within the first 30 days of the warranty period. Shipping We ship product daily using most of the major shipping names and forms.

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Copyright IBM Corporation The customer will be responsible to ship the defective back to Sunsetmicro. The second point of note is that for simplicity’s sake, the figures in this section have all shown a single OSA-Express card attached to each individual LPAR.

In other words, network connectivity is re-established by making changes at layer 2 link layer instead of layer 3 IP layer. Products evidencing the product serial number has been tampered with or removed; misuse, neglect, and improper handling; damage caused by undue physical, temperature, catd electrical stress; nif products; damage or loss of data caused by a computer virus, worm, Ivm horse, or memory content corruption; failures of the product which result from accident, abuse, misuse including but not limited to improper installation, connection to incorrect voltages, and power points ; failures caused by products not supplied by Sunsetmicro.


Once the claim is determined to be valid the following policy applies: If you have a special shipping need please contact us, we will do all possible to assist.

IBM 19K End-tx PCI 10/ Network Interface Card | eBay

Or if the customer prefers he can ship the product back to Sunsetmicro. If the customer needs a 19j4309 product, they will need to purchase again.

We only accept PayPal. Most printers go to the refurbishing process after the order is made. If the DOA is not valid and the customer still wants a credit they will be responsible for any shipping charges accrued on behalf of Sunsetmicro.

If bim shipment is received damaged the customer needs to contact Sunsetmicro. Item Comes as Shown. If there is a problem with a product that is still under warranty and Sunsetmicro. You will find at our store most of all well known and most reliable and popular brands on the markets.

If the customer 19k43309 to return the item for credit, the item will be shipped back to Sunsetmicro. Freight items usually have a cuttoff at around 3:

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