Free SpaceSpace allocated for a virtual disk but not used by volumes. Page Some guidelines to keep in mind when performing a volume copy include: It also describes solutions to problems you might experience when usingSMU. This setting is thedefault. Changing the filter does notaffect events already recorded in the table; therefore, old events are reported eventhough they might not meet the current filter criteria.

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Click the entry to view. Clearing Unwritable Cache DataThe controller cache contains data that encolsure be written out to a virtual diskbecause that virtual disk is no longer accessible. This information is updated at a two-second interval.

There are a variety ofcache types. Set Read Ahead Size to one of the following options: Data is transferred from the transient snapshot to the new volume. Most voltage and temperatureerrors and warnings relate to thepower-and-cooling module. Theuser configuration function enables you to define user roles by setting specificaccess privileges.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Click Save And Continue. Page Ecnlosure following figure shows how port IP addresses and mapped volumes arepresented if controller B fails. System PanelThe System Panel at the bottom of each page includes system information, theoverall status of system components, controller information, and the Event Logicon. The storage system can query EC for information about enclosureenvironmental conditions such as temperature, power supply and fan status, and thepresence or absence of disk drives.


A manual rescan may be needed after system power-up to display enclosuresin the proper order. If the value is Yes, the LUN is alsoshown.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Page ddvice Adding a VolumeYou must have free space in a virtual disk before you can add a volume. There are marks and scuffs on the exterior. If you intend to capture multiple event logs,be sure to name the files appropriately so that they can be identified later.

Page 33 Note — For security reasons, create different usernames unique to your site. Select the volume whose statistics you want to view.

Each controller host porthas a unique, user-defined IP address. Problems Scheduling TasksIf your task does not run at the times you specified, check the schedulespecifications. You can display virtual disk status information in two ways. Just a Bunch of Disks. Examine the FRU specified in themessage to determine whether itneeds to be replaced.

This panel specifies how many notification eventsare pending and shows up to a configured maximum number of events. Enclossure 81 To configure dynamic spares: Page 87 Expanding a VolumeYou can expand a standard volume or a snap pool if the virtual disk has free spaceand gp resources.


To view virtual disk vdisk status from the menu: To select event categories for notification: Entering Enclosure InformationTo enter the name, location, rack number, and rack position for an enclosure: If no enclosure polling data is available, a message is displayed stating this.

You can also the change the IP settings as needed.

The name is case sensitive and can include 20 characters, but not comma, quotationmark “or backslash. Affect of Changing the Date and TimeResetting ejclosure storage system date or time might affect scheduled tasks.

Viewing Disk Drive Types encloskre Firmware VersionsTo view the firmware version revision and type of each disk drive in eachenclosure connected to the system, do either of the following: Of the snapshotsthat will be mounted as read-write and actually written to, factor in theaverage amount of data that will be modified.

The Global Host List panel shows the node name, any controller ID and portnumbers through which the host has logged in, and the nickname if any for eachhost node.

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